Where can I go? Is it safe to go there? If I go, will it be worth the trip? As the world haltingly reopens amid the Covid-19 pandemic, those are the questions travelers are asking before stepping on a plane again.

Covid-19 Travel Tracker is following 1,538 travel combinations between 40 major business and tourism destinations, taking into account coronavirus travel restrictions, vaccination levels and public health rules. So far, the world is taking it slow: only 23% of destinations can be considered “More accessible”, based on our ratings.

The last week has seen Singapore, one of the most difficult-to-visit cities in the tracker, start to lift testing or quarantine restrictions for some countries. Belgium has also recently lifted entry restrictions for travelers from Brazil to South Africa.

As the world changes, we’ll update the data — usually on Friday, and more often for major developments. Our cities are primarily business destinations, and we’ll bring more locations online over time. To start exploring, pick an origin and destination below.

International travel only and are based on how much difficulty travelers face for a particular trip. A place with a quarantine requirement will rate as far less accessible than one that can be entered with just a negative Covid test. Cities get credit for vaccinating a large portion of their residents, which can make travel safer. And having restaurants, bars and other places open without limits raises the rating, as well. To read the full details of our methodology,

At this point, 34% of trip combinations aren’t possible because of those rules. Bloomberg’s data shows that 12% require mandatory quarantines, a procedure that can make a visit possible but difficult. And 17% are completely open, while other trip combinations have relatively easy requirements to enter.

It’s important to note that rules can be different based on citizenship or permanent residency, which can make travel easier. Always check with the relevant government authorities before booking a trip, and know that rules can change quickly.